Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just had to share with you a storage tip.  How many of you have a drawer or box close at hand that is filled with scraps.  The papercrafter's nightmare....I sometimes dream of being chased by little pieces of paper.  Well Michaels had the Memory Keeper pouches on sale this week 12 x 12 for $1 each.  When I got there there were just a limited amount and various colors.  I wanted clear so that I could see the color of the paper inside.  Well there was a package of 13.x 13 (10 pack) that was not on sale and marked $12.98.  Guess what, with the 40% off coupon I got those for $8.48.  Ten is the magic number to separate the colors.  Red and pinks go together and all shades of the same color are combined.  Anyway they work like magic.  There is a snap at the top so paper stays in the pouch and they stack right on top of my paper sorter.  Take a look.
I taped the label from the package to my paper storage so you all could see what it looked like.  If you still have scrap problems, check this out.
OK back soon with my Fatabulous Cricut Challange card
Bye for now...........play nice


  1. Great buy on those pouches! I've used this method too! I works really well. My scraps got out of control when I started buying scraps! Crazy me!!! Now I have to use those drawers from Wal-mart. I'll do a video to show soon. It feels good to get those scraps under control huh?

  2. Hi Donna, I found your blog through Pat N. I just posted a before and after video of my craftroom, it was a disaster before, but the after is good. I store my scraps in these same pouches. I started to keep them horizontally, and it made a huge difference. Please check out my videos, they are way down on my blog right now. I became a follower of yours, and if you like what you see on mine I hope you will follow me. I would love to hear what you think of my organization, I always love tips from fellow crafters!! Thanks, Karen