Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Morning Sunday

Good Sunday morning everyone.  Sorry I have been missing for a couple of days but we were doing some construction work in the back yard.  We built a pergola over our deck to help shade some of the hot summer Florida sun.  It is just about finnished and I will post a picture later.  The funny thing is that is was cool while working...late 50s early 60s.  I was wearing sweats and all.  Saturday morning when I looked in the did I have a sunburn on my face.  Now we have lived in Florida for 25 years so you would think I would know better.  Well I centainly put on the sun screen yesterday to finnish up.  Today is a spectacular day here. Temp around 75 and sunny.  Sorry you guys in NE but I remember.  Will spend some time on a boat with friends then I will be back.  Hope to post a new project later today.
Till then.......see nice.

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