Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hi everyone........don't forget me cause I'll be back.  You won't believe the last few weeks.  As I mentioned we put our house on the market.  Well it sold in three weeks and two days!!!!! We have found our new place and put a contract on it.  Now we just need to coordinate the two closings which should occur next week.  Packing..................Packing....................Packing.  We sold our house furnished as our new one is furnished also, but there is still a ton of stuff to pack and get ready for the move.  I have already packed twenty boxes.  Good news is that our new place also has three bedrooms so I will have a craft room again.  Yea!
I put up a little tree, but I can't wait to get settled and put up my big one.  Hope I can make the craft show this Saturday.  Only problem is that I need to replenish my cards, especially birthday, get well, sympathy etc.  Can't seem to find the time or mojo with everything else that is going on. 
Well enough rambling.  Keep in touch and I will be back with lots of new stuff in a couple of weeks.
See you soon................play nice.