Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello, I have arrived

Dream it..... Create it .....Share it
Oh my gosh, I did it! This is kinda scary but I love it!. I mean imagine me joining of all you TALENTED crafters out there………..but I love it! Imagine me actually writing a blog……..but I love it!
I’ve got quite a learning curve to be as comfortable as you all with linking, imbedding, picture taking and videos……………but ……….you guessed it. I love it!
So here goes.
My name is Donna and I have enjoyed crafty things just about forever. Lord knows I am old enough to almost remember forever. How many of you remember Tri-Chem liquid embroidery? Wait! If you hold up your hand I will know how old you are. Suffice it to say, I have shoes older that most of you guys out there sharing your amazing talents, but even though I am late to the party, I plan have fun.
Yup, I did the Tri-Chem. My family didn’t dare lay anything down or it would end up painted. I had the big box of paints and carried them everywhere. Home parties were a big item.
Of course most young ladies of my generation learned to knit and crochet. Now I am left handed, so I became pretty adept at reading instructions backwards. If you see me knit, I look strange. I was taught by my right handed mother, therefore I lodge the right needle in my lap and work around it with the left. Nothing to it.
If I never make another crocheted Christening gown it would not be too soon. Baby yarn is sooooooooooo tiny. It took forever to do all those shells.
Anyway, back to the present. After 20+ years as a Registered Nurse, I retired a couple of years ago and have finally found time to do the crafty things I love. Jewelry making, and now my paper crafts. I had a cricut for about a year before I really understood how creative I could be using it. I applaud Robin from  for turning me into a cricut nut. The other two ladies who must share in my transformation are Dawn from (The very first blog I ever went to) and probably most of all Momo over at She is so fun to listen to and I love watching her videos.
So here I am entering the big world of blogging. I plan to post often. Maybe not every day cause I don’t know if I’m that interesting. I also plan to include pictures of current projects and hopefully in the future film a video (Well let’s not get carried away here).
Hope you join me and we will play together nice.
I plan to Dream it……………….Create it……………….and Share it.
See you soon,

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  1. Hi Donna!!! This was sooo fun to read!!!! Welcome to this fun addictive bloggin world!!!! Come and join my challenges!!! I have SEI Challenges twice a month and I will be having several other ones the next months!