Sunday, June 25, 2017

Weight Watchers check in and some Chit Chat

Hi All
Well I weighed in Saturday and oops! Gained .8.  I don't mind loosing weight but I sure don't like having to loose the same weight twice!!
Must have been something I ate don't you think.  I am including a picture of the Weight Watchers charm bracelet I made from the charms I have received.  I think I had a couple more but I don't know where they went.  Makes a nice piece of jewelry but it sure does show that I have been around for a while.
This week Bob and I are celebrating our 53rd wedding anniversary so I am sure there will be some food challenges.  Will try to make good choices but I think fish will be in my diet a lot this week to counteract some of the other foods.
 I will check in again next week after weigh in or just to chat about the journey.
See you soon.

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