Friday, June 23, 2017

Vlogging/Blogging/and everything crafty

Hi Everyone. 
Well this is the last Link button I am creating.  Under the Vlogging/Blogging/everything crafty label I am planning to chit chat, and put all the other craft related entries that don't fall under one of the other categories.
This morning I went yard sailing for the first time in a while.  Just hit three but found a couple of items that were really good buys. Back in one of my earlier videos, I showed a three tiered tray that I made from Dollar Tree items and decorated for Summer.  It is my intention to decorated this piece for each season but I was not thrilled with the actual tray. Guess what??? I found a nice three tiered tray at the first sale for $5.00.  Looks much better that the other one.  It actually came with plastic separators in each shelf so it could be used in a craft room.  On a turn table also.  I took out the plastic and added my summer decorations.  Love it!!!
The other great find was some 12x12 cardstock.  I got two stacks that were $2.25 each.  Nice quality paper and we all know how much card stock can run you especially the 12x12.  Now onto creating some cards this afternoon.  I will probably make a video of the card making if I can get my darn camera to work right. 

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