Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Some home decor and Patriotic Swag

Hi All,
Well you will get tired of hearing from me by the end of the day. As I am trying to create the page links at the top of the blog, I have to create a post to go with it as I haven't blogged about these things before.  I have a few pictures of some home décor items and a patriotic lantern swag for the 4th  of July.
I have to give a great big shout out to Arlynn over at Arlynn's Country Craft Corner. Such a sweet, sweet lady who loves to decorate and create.  I do so love watching her videos even though if I were a little more precocious, I could be her mother, LOL. My problem is she is decorating a beautiful large home and I am decorating a 1600 ft. manufactured home.  I have to be careful not to make too many of her great ideas or we will have to move out and just leave the crafts.😀😀


Dinning table centerpiece Lantern and Patriotic swag

Hope you enjoy.  Check out Arlynn's channel
Till next time..............Play nice

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