Sunday, July 2, 2017

Weight Watchers progress and a Grapevine and flower Wreath

Yesterday I posted a YouTube video about my Weight Watchers progress and I also shared a wreath that I made for our bedroom.  My weight loss this week was only .2lbs but considering it was our Anniversary week, I will take it.  Got to get back to tracking though. I have not been doing this well. As far as the wreath goes, I wanted to make something different for our bedroom that I can leave up till fall.  I think it came out great. What do you think?
The video has about a ten second pause (don't know why), but hang in there cause it resumes.
Today we are having company for dinner.  I am cooking chicken, ribs, coleslaw, corn bread, corn on the cobb, baked beans and a fresh apple pie.  Hope they eat it all cause I don't want any left over LOL
Here is a picture of the wreath on the bedroom wall.
You can watch the video below

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