Friday, March 4, 2011

St. Patricks card and Challenge

Oh my oh my oh my................Did you ever have one of "those" crafting days?  Well let me tell you about mine.  I wanted to enter the Throwback Thursday Challenge with a St. Patrick's Day card using the PDDU cart for the cut.  I also wanted to make a standout frame card.  Well the cut was fine.  I found that I didn't have any double-sided paper appropriate for my card so I taped two coordinating piece together before I cut my square.  OK so far right?  Well everything went along fine until I decided to glitter my shamrock.  I thought "I will use my glue pad to get good coverage" HA!  First the shamrock got stuck to the pad, and I had to peel it off.  Next because I peeled it off, my hands were all sticky.  (Did I mention that I hate sticky?) Ok so now everything I touch is getting sticky...glue pen, tweezers, ATG STICKY!!!!.  I put the glitter into a container for easier application and now the container and spoon guessed it...Sticky.  Now my hands are not only sticky but have green glitter stuck to them.  I can't get the shamrock off my fingers to apply to the card and my craft mat is covered with STICKY green glitter.  Thank goodness the doorbell rang and friends arrived cause I was either going to cry or run hysterically through the neighborhood.  I shut off the light and walked away.  We had a good visit after I spent 10 minutes getting all the sticky green glitter from my hands.  Did you know fingernail polish remover works well for this?  So this morning I cleaned up my mess and took a photo for you all.  I am not overly thrilled with the outcome but after all that I was determined to put it up on the blog.  Here it is.

This is a 5  1/2 square card
All layers are cut 1/8 inch smaller so I just have a tiny boarder.
The frame is made with a 4 1/4 square.
I did the inside frame first and just increased the layers by 1/8 inch
Shamrock cut at 2 inches.
Glitter by Martha Stewart.
I inked all the edges with Tim Holtz peeled paint.
Honestly, I think it looks better in person than in the picture, but so be it.  Today is another day and I am going to Michaels  50% off coupon.  Yeh!  Hope you like it.
See Ya nice


  1. Oh I sure have had a crafting day like that! Glad you walked away instead of screaming through the neighborhood, hehehe! I love your card, it came out wonderful!! TFS Cathryn67

  2. I just had a crafting day like that a few days ago except your card came out WAY better than mine :)
    Anyways your card is GREAT! I love it!!
    Shopping is always a good way to get over a bad crafting least it works for me. :)

  3. Oh Donna! LOL I can't help but laugh because I have been there! :) I'm glad your friends were able to come to your rescue :) And for what it's worth, I think the card turned out fabulous! :) Good luck on the challenge :)

  4. i had a wee chuckle and nod at this because those days are so true and so annoying! One day I glued a card shut, I almost ran away! La

  5. Well, I think the card is absolutely gorgeous! As for your frustrating least you learned the nail polish trick ;)

  6. Very cute frame and shamrock! I think it turned out great! I have those crafting moments too!!