Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ready...Set..Go For Christmas Episode 6. A Shaped Card........Some of my Halloween Goodies for Saturday's Craft Show

Hi everyone,
Boy, I wanted to get more posts in this week but I found out Monday that I would be doing a craft show this Saturday!!!.  Thankfully I have lots of items already made, but I still was out straight.  Below are a couple of pictures of my treat section.  I always try to have a seasonal treat section for each show.  I also heard Monday that I will have another show Dec. 10.  Wow at least a little more upfront time. 
This week's Christmas card is a Jingle Bell shaped card.  Simple but pretty.  Check it out.  Measurements are given on the video.

Now for some Halloween Treats

Check out that ghostly choir.  They are Tootsie pop wrapped in a coffee filter, tied with butcher's twine and stamped with a Peachy Keen face.
The little packages hold Reeses peanut butter cups and the funny guys are Frankinhersey.
Oh my, such fun to make.  These will transform into Frosty the Hersey Bar for Christmas.
My hubby made the little stand for the ghosts.  They look too cute standing there.
Well that's all for today.  Tomorrow I will be busy checking out my card stash and making more as needed.
See you nice


  1. Have fun this weekend!! I know you will do great! These are all so adorable

  2. Oh gosh these are all so cute, love those little ghost. Hugs, Lori m

  3. This is such a cute card.

    Also I love you lollypop ghost. I have to say I recently made treat bags for one of my kids classrooms for Halloween. It was so labor intensive (as is any thing when you are doing 36 of them), that I only made them for one classroom, instead of doing them for my younger son's class too. After seeing you ghost, they are just as cute and that is what I will hopefully do next year. I just need to remember that 11 months from now.